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Recent tunes and builds


Dan originally brought his newly purchased "Forged" CTSV to LMT for some diagnostic on the fuel system and tuning.. The CTSV did not make it through the dyno tuning session - after pulling the engine we had discovered the previous owner had swapped the original LSA engine with a completely stock LS3. A ring-land had cracked an it was time for a rebuild. Dan decided to keep the LS3 block/crank and forged the internals at a 10:1 compression. While we were in there Dan decided to upgrade the supercharger to a Magnuson Heartbeat 2300. Stay tuned for the results, we will be tuning this vehicle with HP tuners utilizing a flex fuel sensor.


Our customers C5 came in with a built 427lsx with the new Huron Speed Products twin turbo kit running twin precision turbo 68/70 gen 2 turbos. At 18psi she made 1028HP on the first pull, when leaned up she pulled through the clutch as soon as the turbos spooled. Car will be back soon with a new prototype quad disk Mantic clutch.

2015 3.7 V6 M6- BBK Exhaust Systems LTH, AIRAID CAI, Borla Exhaust catback, BBK Performance Parts 73mm TB with 3.55 gears 263/255. Baseline pulls were done with parts already installed.


07 Z06- small EPS stealth cam, Halltech CAI, stock manifolds and exhaust. 504HP/470 lb-ft

09 GT500- Came in bone stock making low numbers. Installed a 2.5" VMP Performance pulley, JLT Performance CAI and she woke right up making 543HP/552 lb-ft.

2005 GTO M6 COMP Cams shelf grind, and Stainless Works LTH. Brought to LMT for tune right before his trip back to Quantico, VA.

2008 STI, and bolt on's 2016 STI long block.

Customers C5 ZO6 with Forged 364 ci, 9.0 Comp, LQ9 Iron block A&A YSI Tuner Kit, A&A Corvette 8 Rib w/IW 10% Overdriven Crank Pulley, Ported LS2 Intake Manifold,LS2 Throttle Body SD 80# Injectors with Billet Fuel Rails, Patriot Peformance Stage 3 LQ9 Cylinder Heads, Crane Gold Roller Rockers, Crane Pushrods, OE LS7 Lifters, Custom Spec Cam, 3 Bar Map Conversion, Dual Nozzle Alky System, RSI Fuel System with Dual In Tank 340 Pumps, -10 fuel Feed, -6 Fuel Return,RPM Transmission T56 And Differential. 18PSI and a custom LMT tune via HP Tuners. Customer asked us to see how fast his corvette would go. On this run the car made 900RWHP in each gear, 4th, 5th, and 6th gear and made it 213MPH!! before the dyno automatically applied the brake.

68 Impala back for some more tuning. Owner wanted a couple more psi so he can get in the 9s. Stock cammed LY6 6.0 rings gapped w/ 4L80e.

Terry's 13 Camaro that we previously Whipple Superchargers charged is getting the drivetrain beefed up this week with the help of McLeod Racing RXT 1200hp clutch, Driveshaft Shop 1 piece aluminum driveshaft and 1000HP axles. Oh, and some BMR Suspension Inc. lowering springs.

Customer brought in his stock block TVS1900 supercharged GTO for storage. He wanted us to fix an exhaust leak that later turned into a complete engine build through LMT. We've installed a Lonnies dual pump return style fuel system, build a complete forged iron 370, eagle crank, compstar rods, wiseco pistons, AFR heads, ARP hardware, custom blower cam, rear cog blower belt, innovate west overdrive 8 rib crank, 8 rib belt setup, kooks jet hot coated 1 7/8" headers. This project is almost wrapped up and ready for the rollers. Hopefully with the next week or so we will be breaking it in and posting some monster roots blower numbers!!! STAY TUNED

2011 Wrangler Rubicon. Added a vortech v3 With A-A Intercooler, we added a RPM Extreme 2010 PCM, 42 lb injectors, 2 bar map sensor. That way we can use diablo sport cmr to give this jeep the custom tune it deserves!! Baselined 144-164 finished at 226hp 225tq

A friend of ours came to LMT for a tune prior to the dyno. We have to get him back onto the rollers to finish the tune. We do not promote street tuning as its very unsafe to travel at the speeds needed to make sure WOT and part throttle tuning is correct.

Say hello to our new project! 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe LT2. Customer gave us the freedom to do this one our way. We debadged the truck completely then tinted the windows and rear tail-lights. We also lowered the truck with Ground Force 2/3" drop spindles and rear springs and installed 22x9" gloss black TBSS wheels and Sumitomo tires.

Customer brought his car in for a baseline. After that we installed a set of LG Pro longtube headers without cats, TR5 plugs, 160. T-stat, custom set of MSD wires, and a custom LMT dyno tune. 337HP to 371HP